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genuine hair loss solutions.


Our products are manufactured locally following the TGA guidelines​

Approved By Professionals​

We work with registered compounding pharmacists and Doctors​

High Success

Majority of our customers achieved their desired results


Topical formulation instead of oral tablets ensure minimal side effects.​
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Let us take care of your Hair.

We are a leading Australian Clinic providing a solution to your hair loss. Our formulation is backed with scientific research and results are visible in thousands of users. Contact us today and our staff will support your hair growth journey to bring back your youth vibes.

Designed for everyone

Treatments for Men

FT Clinics research focused on the reasons why men lose their hair. We explored these reasons to develop hair lotions specifically for male skin that helps to regrow hair.

Treatments for Women

Since women hair loss is generally not to the same extent as men, FT Clinics has developed hair lotions to ensure it has minimal side effects and brings back the hair density that you once had.

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you on everything about Hair

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